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Are you a retiree, homemaker or student seeking opportunities to earn some part-time or supplementary income?

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At Bear In Trust, we believe everyone can have the opportunity to be part of a vibrant and active workforce and contribute meaningfully to the family income, at a flexible pace suited to his or her needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

No prior experience is required, but you will need a positive and can-do attitude.

Yes! We provide you with all the necessary product training and administrative support to ensure you are confident and well-prepared to give your best on the job.


Bear In Trust will also provide product knowledge training so you can gain familiarity and a clear your role and responsibilities. In addition, you will also receive tips and training on personal grooming and presentation skills, safety and hygiene guidelines, as well as general rules and regulations for your role.

If you are a student, contact us.

For all other temporary jobseekers, contact us and find out more.

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