Our Team


Caesario Mi'radz

Co-Founder & Operations Director

Rio is the co-founder and operations director of Bear In Trust Agency. Dynamic and driven, Rio has led Bear In Trust to achieve and maintain a clear leadership position in Corporate & Retail industry since 2018. He has been worked in Human Resources for more than 8 years for agencies, retail, corporate, FMCG, and more.

As a strong proponent of technology and innovation, Rio spearheaded the recruitment process end-to-end, payroll processing and client relation management software adoption within Bear In Trust. Rio’s vision is for Bear In Trust to be a change leader by unifying demand for flexible staffing with meaningful employment opportunities that enable true work-life balance.


Mar'ie Ramadhan

Co-Founder & Executive Director

As co-founder and director of Bear In Trust, Mar’ie drives the company’s vision, strategic direction and business values to ensure Bear In Trust stays at the forefront in delivering top- notch value to its clients and job-seekers. Mar’ie also oversees regional marketing, business development and CSR initiatives, managing key client accounts and developing strategies to position the business for greater growth.

Under Mar’ie’s leadership, Bear In Trust has developed a strong operating framework providing professional and integrated product and service training to promoters. It has also established a robust resourcing network that ensures consistent delivery of high standards and reliable business operations for Bear In Trust’s clients.

Our Client

We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly.

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